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Return Policy

Assigned & elected returns policy reflecting online, mail order, and phone sales is enshrined in UK law and adhered to by our business.

Thanks to distance selling regulations all consumers have the right to abandon an order after the command has been completed, even if dispatch has been done. The standard indicative measure is a notification within 14 days of goods reception. Prior to dispatch is eternally an option but legality of issues dictates a 14 day post delivery period.

Should this provision be invoked, you "the customer" will have 14 days to return acquisition. Failure to return justifies full charge and termination of dealings.

Faulty Items

The law permits returns under the proviso that the precise unit is faulty, substandard, or ruined upon delivery. Assumption that culpability lies not with the consumer indicates a reason for return aforementioned product and reparation of cash financed.

Assertation of faulty or damaged goods before sale completion revokes the ability to return as the issue was underlined and disclosed before sale.

Reception of damaged or faulty goods necessitates a declaration of issue to be ascertained within 7 days of delivery date.

Due process obliged to be followed. Aggrieved consumer needs to make contact with customer service representative and declare the faulty item. Idealistically complaints should be digital with accompanying photos of error or issue.

Allowance to return can then be formatted, (returns form) and you’ll be propositioned, replacement or return of funds.

Note returned products initiate arrival within 7 days for the claim be granted.

Non-fault returns have 14 days, on the proviso that they are unopened and returned in original condition. Return process still needs following. Unfasten or disengaged products can only be returned if faulty.

Postage charges are non-refundable in all circumstances although the company may cover the cost as a discretionary measure.

Exchange Potential

In exceptional conditions we reserve the right to recommend the placement of new order to expedite the dispatchment of items purchased. Corresponding due process includes supply of secondary invoice identification code.

Subsequent receipt of damaged/faulty items by customer safeguard team will trigger the release of funds and complete the financial circle.

Essentially, this process must be verified before replacement order created and approved. Advantage gained not applicable in all circumstances, discussion in the premier instant is demanded.

Notification: shipping expenses remains your liability regardless of chosen route of re-supply. will assess individual cases to ensure fairness and openness in all dealings. You’ll need to address the customer liaison through standard channels before instigating more intimate dealings.

Personal Contract

The sale and purchase contract is established at point of sale between the designated parties. At no point can a return or exchange be made with a third party. The rights herein mentioned are non-transferable, application can only be made by the listed customer.

During crises, exceptional circumstances, and other, unforeseen incidents, we reserve the right to temporarily readdress the returns policy. This will not affect your standard rights but provides the possibility of delay when warranted.

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